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Types of disputes the Tribunal hears and decides.

The types of disputes the Tribunal can hear and decide are set out in s 38 of the Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006.

These include:

  • anti-doping violations
  • appeals against decisions made by a National Sport Organisation (NSO) or the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC), so long as the rules of the NSO or NZOC specifically allow for an appeal to the Tribunal in relation to that issue. Such appeals could include:
    • appeals against disciplinary decisions
    • appeals against not being selected for a New Zealand team or squad
  • other sports-related disputes that all of the parties to the dispute agree to refer to the Tribunal and that the Tribunal agrees to hear
  • matters referred to the Tribunal by the board of Sport and Recreation New Zealand (Sport New Zealand).

Specific types of proceedings

There are four specific types of proceedings:

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